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2ndConference of Kawasaki Disease society of India
2nd Conference of Kawasaki Disease society of India
Venue : Rangmanch, Swabhumi, Kolkata, IndiaCentre
Date : 2nd November 2019.
Time : 9am to 5pm

Program Notice

Day -1 Kawasaki Disease Society of India Summit on 02-11-19 (Tentative)

Sl.No Time Topic Speaker Panellist Moderator/Chair Comments
1 9:15-9:40am Kawasaki Disease: Indian Scenario Dr Saji Philip ----- Prof Atul Gupta LECTURE
2 12:30-1:15pm KD-Oration “Kawasaki Disease: Novel Insights into its Aetiology and Pathophysiology ” Prof T Hara ----- Dr Priyankar Pal,Dr Saji Philip ORATION
3 3:15-3:35 pm Open House Doubt clearing session Audiences Prof.T Hara Prof. Surjit Singh,Dr.Vijay V,Dr.Mahesh J,Dr.Rashna Dass,Dr.Saji P Dr.Rakesh Mondal Audience Panel