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Kawasaki Disease Stories

This is a story of Chachin who had developed Kawasaki disease at 2-years of age and complicated by  giant coronary artery aneurysm of both coronaries. He had presented with heart attacks two times at 3-4years of age. He was so lovely and talkative. During our ward rounds in National University Hospital, Taipei, he use to say “uncle Jesus loves you” (in Chinese “susu yesu oh ayni”). His Lv function was much less around 35%, and finally our team of doctors had decided to do bypass surgery after seeing his coronary angiogram which showed giant aneurysm with multiple stenosis.

They did CABG with internal mammary and gastro epiploic artery, but it was not successfull and finally he had received a heart transplantation from a 17 year old boy who died in a card accident. Even his transplant also was not successfull and he passed away on 20th day of the hospital stay. During his stay in ICU, I had visited his parents many times and comfort them in their agony. This incident had touched my heart to do some research in Kawasaki disease. Almost three years I had worked in Animal Technology institute of Taiwan to make an immune complex vasculitis animal model in swine and got published in Pediatric research Journal with a proposal of circulating immune complex involving the endothelial damage and aneurysmal dilatation of coronary arteries.

Parents of Chachin had called me for a lunch at home after 15 months to show their child God given to that family to forget the heart breaking memories of Chachin.


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