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Health Education Cube on Kawasaki Disease
First Health Education cube on Kawasaki Disease A research product of KDFI. Kawasaki disease Foundation of India (KDFI) introducing first health education cube in the world known as “KD-info cube”, a magic health education puzzle-cube made for everyone who wants to know about Kawasaki disease (KD), made by Dr Saji Philip, Pediatric Cardiologist, Parumala and secretary general of Kawasaki disease Foundation of India.

This is made for the fun and heath education, to parents, kids, and doctors to give top priority in diagnosing and treating KD with appropriate pharmacological agents for the prevention of coronary artery diseases in children. Easy to use KD-info cube with eight sided facets, unfolds the complete answers on KD to bring about awareness in early detection and treatment. It starts with diagnostic Criteria, normogram of coronary artery measurements, additional findings, treatment and follow up advises including pictures and web addresses of KD foundations for better understanding.

Treatment side of the puzzle cube consists of conventional gold standard therapy with intravenous immune-globulin and aspirin with an add on antioxidant therapy, which was proved in animal model studies conducted by dr. Philip himself with high dose of vitamins A,C, E to mitigate the severity of inflammatory changes in coronary arteries andalso evidenced from the preliminary unpublished clinical studies. Dr Philip introduced first swine model for the KD research got published in Paediatric Research Journal. This Info-cube will serve as an easy mode of sharing KD as a health education in medical camps, among the parents, teachers, students and nurses in hospitals. Health education on KD is very important since it produce very fatal coronary artery disease in young kids if not treated within 20days of acute illness. Children can get heart attack like in adult population due to KD.